Our Story

After dedicating years of our lives to varios industries and learning all we have, it was time to start a new chapter of our own.

The Rite Group Chapter.

Surround ourselves with the Rite People, Make sure we stock the Rite Products, Ensure that our pricing is Rite.

Long stories are boring and our’s is still happening, so we invite you on our journey. Who knows, you could just be a lead character

Our Vision

At the start of any journey, one needs the ideal destination to reach. Ours is to combine the food and water industries into one streamlined outlet. Then duplicate this outlet until we cover the entire Easter Cape.

We have just opened our 2nd outlet, so these are exciting times indeed.


Choosing the Rite basket of products continues to be at the forefront of our growth. Ballancing quality with affordability is not always easy, but we strive for this every day.

We also support a bunch of local produce suppliers, thus keeping as many rands circulating in our local economy, which in turn benefits everybody.